What We Do

Cargo Commercial Ltd proudly offers air cargo and air freight services throughout the Persian Gulf region. We’ve built a full dossier around these shipping services to allow our clients to easily send nearly any eligible parcel or package from the United Kingdom to the Middle East quickly and easily.

What do we cargo?

Nearly anything. Personal items, excess baggage, and even physical products that have been bought online in the UK or Europe—anything which is being shipped to the Middle East via Britain.

How have we made that truly useful for you?

By taking all the hard work out of shipping to the Middle East. Our clients are able to easily drop off or ship their parcels, baggage or packages to be delivered to any of the countries.

We serve at our London facility and you can rest assured that in only two or three days, your cargo will arrive safely and be ready for pick-up at the destination airport.

That’s right—we accept shipment to our shipping facility to make the entire process smooth and easy for you.

When you use Cargo Commercial Ltd, you are assured of the utmost safety of your goods, timely delivery and lower costs.

In order to make the service more affordable for customers, Cargo Commercial Ltd offers a cargo consolidation service which brings down the overall shipping cost substantially.

We proudly offer several different options for our clients and are pleased to be able to offer custom solutions in non-traditional scenarios.

In fact, if you aren’t sure which service you need, feel free to reach out to one of our agents here who will work with you to help determine your best option.

In general, though, most of our clients prefer one of the following methods for letting Cargo Commercial Ltd handle their air shipping needs:

*Airport to Airport

This service is designed to offer huge value to clients wishing to ship to the Middle East with the most cost-effective air freight fees. The items to be shipped are simply delivered to our facility in London by you or your courier and we will arrange the shipping through to the airport closest to the designated location.

Once the items have cleared, you or your agent will receive notification that pick-up is available and the times that our facility is open.

*Door to Airport

This particular service is our one of the most popular services. With this, we will manage the pick-up of your items or packages from anywhere in the UK and facilitate their shipment to the airport in the destination country.

We’ve taken all the hard work out of the process for you and all you need to do is facilitate pick-up once your shipment arrives in the Middle East.

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