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Something about our process and offices

One thing that separates Cargo Commercial Ltd from other carriers is our ability to find solutions for all of our clients.

Our mission is simple: we provide air freight solutions to help ship almost anything to the Middle East from the United Kingdom. We have streamlined the entire process for our clients and, as a result, we can assist you in your every need.

We offer special concierge packages for those who cannot drop off their parcels at our offices in London and can even handle making purchases online for our clients in their absence. No matter whether you need to send an item to Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain or Qatar, Cargo Commercial Ltd is here to serve you.

Our team has decades of experience in handling shipping and logistics to the Middle East and of the many challenges that process can sometimes bring.

Our solution is to find and partner with shipping experts in all of these important locations in the Persian Gulf to allow you to send your products and goods easily without the challenges often associated with shipping to the Middle East.

The challenges of shipping to the Middle East from the UK are many, and anyone who wishes to import or ship to the Persian Gulf region needs to know that their goods are in safe hands.

At Cargo Commercial Ltd, we provide access to every service that you could need, from shopping and pickup to x-ray scan, logistical transportation of your goods throughout the UK and all the documentation and clearance. We have assembled a team of experts from around the world to make sure that your parcels, your packages, your baggage and your goods arrive safely and quickly.

We invite you to trust your most valuable shipping jobs to us at Cargo Commercial Ltd and let us show you how easy shipping to the Middle East can be when you employ a team with real knowledge of the job.

Due to our years of experience in commercial shipping around the world, our knowledge base and the resources we bring to bear to personally handle your shipping needs to the Saudi peninsula and the Persian Gulf mean that there is never a question about any part of the shipping process.

At Cargo Commercial Ltd, you can rest assured that we will come up with a personalised, cost-effective service for you. We are able to serve any business, large or small, and any individual that needs to ship their goods from the United Kingdom and Europe quickly and safely.

Our job as logistics professionals is to solve all of your air cargo shipping challenges and provide the most effective air cargo rates to the Middle East.

Even more importantly, our job is to make sure that every one of our clients is able to depend on us to make sure their items arrive quickly and in impeccable order.

Don't hesitate to contact us and chat with our experts.

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