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Our mission is simple: we provide air freight solutions to help ship almost anything to the Middle East from the United Kingdom. We have streamlined the entire process for our clients and, as a result, we can assist you in your every need.

Cargo Commercial Ltd

is the premier air cargo handler to get your baggage, cargo and products to the Middle East. We are proud to offer shipping solutions from London, UK, to Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain or Qatar, and we have a variety of locations in the region to handle all your air freight and shipping needs.

Our aim is to make the shipping process easy and painless to move your items from our facilities in London to locations throughout the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. We use our experience to make the entire shipping process hassle-free and cost-effective for our clients. That same experience is deployed by our skilled staff on the ground in the Middle East and in the UK. Our goal is to be the most reliable air cargo carrier, coupling competitive shipping fees with superior personal service in every location we serve.

At Cargo Commercial Ltd, we understand that time is precious and have the ability to offer a full range of shipping options for our clients, from a simple drop-off service in London to a full range of concierge pickup and delivery methods—and even for our clients’ online shopping needs.

Why us?

We know how fast the world moves and that there is a tremendous need for a full range of options in air freight shipping to the Middle East.

Our solution?

Make sure that no matter what you need to ship to the Persian Gulf or how much help you need to get your packages and parcels there, Cargo Commercial Ltd will be the shippers of choice for your needs.

Every country that Cargo Commercial Ltd serves has its own customs requirements and shipping specifications, and with our experience, we’re able to simplify international shipping.

We’ll help you every step of the way when it comes to shipping to the Middle East. This is the service that saves you money while ensuring on-time delivery of shipments to the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain or Qatar. We have a full knowledge of necessary country-specific documents and can help you prepare everything needed for a shipment to the Persian Gulf and other international destinations.

We see our job as much more than merely flying products from one place to another. We see this as the chance to provide real solutions for people and companies as they seek reliable air cargo solutions to move goods and products from the United Kingdom to the Middle East.

With our experience in logistics, we know how to provide truly fast and safe shipping to our clients and look forward to assisting you in all your air cargo needs.

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